About Us

We Provide You Unbaked, Frozen Bakery so you can bake them fresh in your own oven! It’s like having your own shop in your home! Using a traditional long-fermentation baking process, our all-natural bread is only created with premium ingredients—never with additives or preservatives.

Why Molly's



Today there is a heightened demand for food safety assurance, and we are proud to deliver that peace of mind. Our facilities employ the highest food safety standards and all are ISO 2200 certified and uphold the most rigorous safety code.



Our par-baked method guarantees easy prep for our partners. Containing a high ratio of water to flour, we create a sticky dough that we can bake longer and darker—without drying out. Every loaf is baked and then quickly flash frozen to seal in freshness. For the baker, that means a shorter bake time and a longer life on the shelf.


Competitive Edge

We consistently strive to create beautiful new bread shapes, flavors, and ingredient pairings inspired by our travels throughout the world. It’s what gives us—and our partners—a competitive edge

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